Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the Freelancing Field.

Glenn Dasmarinas

Many high skilled freelancers in the field of web design
and web development doesn't give importance to SEO. For them
SEO is just a dirty web promotion technique and a waste of
time. Some of them are just concerned to the final output
of their web site, others are totally no idea about SEO.
Some of them can even produce fantastic websites but didn't
receive the deserved expossure for their site. and others
are too busy in web client hunting.

But wise freelancers who take advantage of SEO in their
freelancing are like packed rats, and ready for survival. They
know that applying SEO can bring them more chances of

If SEO rules and techniques are properly done, it will
produce a great result. Even looking for webclients is like
counting one, two, three. Since SEO will make your site high
in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), potential clients will
come to you automatically!

Not just looking for clients will be made easy but also
applying or making SEO as a part of your freelance services,
would be a great another source of income.
But before applying SEO. You must set your goals! You must
set your target keywords and must know your target
audience. Studying the most common search engine keywords and
studying your competitors techniques is a must.
SEO is easy but requires a lot of patience because the
result of your work is always based on the Search Engines
behaviour and the behaviour of your competitors.

But remember this, by applying your SEO knowledge doesn't
guarantee a continues web project from your prospect
clients. It will still based on your website appearance, website
portfolios and continues applying of SEO to your website to
keep its Search Engine ranking. Thinks SEO as a big back-up
help for your freelancing.

Glenn Dasmarinas is a Philippine based freelance web designer . Offering quality and affordable web design services with free basic SEO services to his clients. For more information please visit his website at http://www.gl3nnx.net , or email him at webmaster {at} gL3nnx.net

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