Do SEO's bring Targeted Web Traffic?

Naveen Kapur

Learn - Weather SEO's attract or distract - targeted traffic to your site?
Search engine optimizer (SEO), usually a good SEO firm provides useful services to its web customers. Services like site architecture, a good site design, find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted, site compatibility to its viewer and to search engines. How ever there are unethical practices as well followed by few unethical SEO's , giving a bad name to the industry by doing aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results.
There are though good SEO companies that will improve your site and also will improve your chances from being dropped from search engine results altogether.

Not only a good SEO will structure your site systematically but as well structure promotions and practices for better results and ethical practices.
To know more about ethical practices, google provides ethical guidelines for webmaster to perform.

No SEO Company or individual can guarantee you a #1 ranking on google, yahoo, msn or any other Search Engine (SE), similarly MGT's whole purpose to this site is spreading awareness and information on best practices to be performed by any SEO or a fresh start-up Web Companies.
A ethical SEO never sends spam mails guaranting you #1 position at any SE. If one does, ask for references who can tell you the facts, ask for more of their success stories, if still not satisfied find out more from any SE about the company by simply typing the name of the domain or a companies name, ask more people with common references about the company. Do the process over and over again till you are really satisfied by the companies profile, cause if you fail to choose a right company your domain and the companies name may be removed entirely from by major SE's directories.

Again as said earlier a good SEO will always provide valid reasoning for any optimization process before they begin.
A ethical SEO never unethically submits your site to 100's of search engines promising you more web traffic. Believe us (casue we have done this ages ago as a mistake) they are useless practices and not worth a time. You may see the traffic results higher in the traffic analyzer for a day or so but you will also see it fall back very soon. There are no results from one or 2 day traffic rising in peak.

Web traffics are permanent traffics that you see in your control panel or any other web analyzer reports. They show you daily traffic but the accumulation is based on weeks and months.
Web Advertising is another way for more web traffic, but not a SEO process. Advertising in Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture and others is simply getting sponsored for keywords you choose and pay per click process, nothing more.

A ethical SEO firm shall carry out process such as spam abuse alerts and report it to respective SE's complaint forum. An ethical SEO never spasm offline or online.
To make sure what you pay is what you get always ask for a refund option at the start of the project. A good SEO company will always promise and obey the ethical norms for client's satisfaction. A full and unconditional money-back should be guaranteed.

A firm belie in an SEO company is a must and it only comes when you get desired results. But do not be faked at times by companies who perform un-ethical jobs like performing doorway pages. Usually doorway pages contain hidden keywords directing to other clients domains of the SEO Company. Keep a constant check on your keywords and links on each page. These pages can drain away the link popularity of a site and route it to the other clients, which may include sites with unsavory or illegal content.
Always go for a Written Contract following the ethical SEO guidelines. For Ethical SEO guidelines please refer to : http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html


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